Why sponsor? We’ll tell you why!

Last year we launched Cheltenham Fashion Week 2012.  Our project has been in development for 18 months as we carefully researched and planned what we thought Cheltenham needed and deserved.

Our project is run entirely by volunteers and funded by ticket sales and sponsorship.

We also promote our sponsors throughout the year through our growing social media and website, both of which are growing in numbers and website hits.

Our objectives:

1.  Provide a platform for young people to show their work and get involved.  Learn about the fashion industry.  Gain experience and learn from the professionals.

  • We did this! Over 25 schools took part in our Student Show to audiences of 500 people.
  • We provided work experiences and brought fashion professionals to the college who shared their insights and advice to a keen audience.
  • We have a long list of young people who have stories of how being involved in our project their confidence improved, they made useful contacts and learnt invaluable lessons.

2.  Promote the wonderful town and area we live in.

  • We did this!  The Telegraph called us ‘One of the best 3 fashion events to attend in Sept’.  We were also in the Daily Mail, Hello and OK magazine where our giant pink shoe made the headlines.  We were also featured regularly on local radio and in local press.
  • Celebrities including Van Morrison, Elizabeth Hurley, Shane Warne, George Davies, Lisa Maxwell, Dr Dawn Harper, Caryn Franklin, were among some of the guests that attended our events.

3.  Host individual and interesting fashion events designed to showcase Cheltenham and its individual style.

  • We brought stunning fashion to the Cotswolds at the same time as showcasing our own talented designers and independent shops.  Through a variety of  events we provided a platform and space  for all types of fashion professionals to mix and mingle.
  • We also work hard throughout the year assisting various other organisations with our contacts and also host other events during the year. We work hard to find opportunities for people all year round and regularly advertise vacancies on our social media.