The SS13 Chignon

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The SS13 Chignon is an easily achieved and versatile up do. It can be worn in a polished manner for a powerful yet elegant impact or dishevelled for a the very now ‘done/undone’ look that is prominent this coming season.

Chanel dressed this look with shine and pearls, Gucci added a twist to their Chignon by a strict centre parting and leaving loose ends. This is THE way to dress your hair for SS13!


Smooth and Sleek Version.

Begin by drying the hair into a centre parting and creating a sleek finish, using the Shu Umera Essence Absolut. This product smooths the cuticle and leaves the hair feeling silky and looking luminous.

Secure a ponytail with a hair band below the curve of the head.

Twist the pony into a figure of eight, using more of the Essence Absolut to create a glass look finish and to heap hair together, and secure with hair pins.

Finish with L’Oréal Professionnel Air Fix to secure any fly away ends.

Attachment-1 (1)


Dishevelled, undone version.

Loosely curl hair with a curling wand,

shake through L’Oréal Professionnel Texture Dust to create a gritty texture

Turn head upside down and shake vigorously!

Secure with band below curve of head, with loose tension

Twist hair again in a loose manner

Tie hair into a knot and secure with hair pins

Finish with L’Oréal Professionnel Fix Design spray to support texture.

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Styles from Jo, Art Director at the Stuart Holmes Hair & Beauty Spa.  Jo is also one of 18 L’Oreal ID Artists in the country and works on inspirational photo shoots and fashions shows.  She is also involved with the new collection launches with L’Oreal.