Sarah Clark

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Fashion Consultant

Originally from the West Country I followed my dream of pursuing a career in Fashion Design. Based in London I gained a decade of industry knowledge and experience that ranged from small Boutiques to mainstream mail order. I took a diversion into education, which bought me to Cheltenham – the heart of the glorious Cotswolds that I’d heard so much about; and it is here where I pass on my expertise to the rising talent of the future. I currently am a Lecturer of Fashion & Clothing at Gloucestershire College.

I’ve been quoted, “Learn the rules before you break the rules” many times, and that’s exactly what I hope to bring to CFW. I aim to give pupils, students, young people and new designers a platform to utilise their skills, talents and creativity to produce creations and express their uniqueness in any manner they wish – creating a Spectacle of Fashion that everyone will be talking about.

Fave Style Icon: Helen Bonham Carter, Diane Kruger, Madonna

Fave Designers: Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang, Velda Lauder

High Street: Zara

Guilty Pleasure: silk scarves & sparkly things (diamonds to be more precise!)

Personal style: I like to think my style shows an appreciation to traditional craftsmanship, with a splash of something shiny.



“I’m really looking forward to ‘Blow by Blow’ (please save me a ticket!!) As the article this week in the Times says, “The meaning of a true eccentric isn’t in the costume — it’s in the soul.” I simply couldn’t agree more. The reason this statement means so much to me is because it’s not only what I try to teach my students at college to help them extend their personality into their work, but also is the true essence of how I style my own clients – working with their inner spirit to enable them to beautifying their outer shell.
Not everyone is eccentric like Isabella was but by discovering more about her life I hope to learn how one can confidently extend their personality into the basis of their true image & style.
I also have to mention ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ . I think it goes without saying that this event is going to be more than a Finale to the week & more of a triumph to what CFW brings to us all and what CFW will continue to bring for years to come.”