Spring Summer 2014 Nails

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What to expect for nails in SS14

This SS14 matte nails are back!

According to our fashion guru’s at Stylist, matte nails are due to make a big comeback this season and trust us, we could not be more excited! Especially as, in the past, matte-look nails have been something that only the bravest of fashionistas could get away with, but this season that is all about to change [eeekkkk].

Nail experts have predicted that this spring matte nails will take over, with nail lovers favouring matte, nude looks, topped with pretty, sophisticated designs.

This transition from shimmery, shiny bases to more grown up nude colours will bring a new air of sophistication to nail art, as well as an added touch of class, making the once bold fashion statement nail designs suitable for any occasion, including the office. That’s right, the office!

Aside from finally being able to flaunt our gorgeous nail designs, both in and out of the office; we are just as excited about the fact that the new matte nail look is not going to break the bank. Yep you heard right, there is no need to spend your hard earned cash on lots of lovely new matte-look nail varnishes… Instead all you need is a bottle of matte top coat, and then simply pop it over your favourite nail varnish and voila, the stylishly sophisticated matte look is yours and all for under a fiver!

If you were one of the braver girls last season who strutted their stuff with matte nails, we applause you, however you will probably want to invest in a new bottle of matte topcoat this season as the SS14 top coats favour a velvety finish instead of the chalky finish that was previously used. [Just a thought]

Reintroducing the ruffian nail!

Another nail design to watch out for this season is the ruffian nail – think backwards French manicure and you’ve pretty much cracked it.

First developed by Creative Nail Design for the autumn 2010 Ruffian show, these ‘moon manicures’ are set to make a huge comeback this season.

To create this fabulous look all you will need is a steady hand, a nude base and some bold, bright colours to create the moon shaped stripe that the ruffian design is famous for.

When designing your new ruffian look, bear in mind that this season nothing is more sophisticated than the colour clashing look of mismatched nails. So why not jazz it up with moon shaped stripes by using a range of colours, the brighter and bolder the better!


Beth Mahoney