So What Makes a Good Boot?

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Well, at Sowerby Footwear, we have been making quality Dealer Boots since 1927, so we know what how to make a dealer boot that is very comfortable, stylish, durable and that will keep your feet in glorious dry comfort for years to come.

The design of a good dealer boot should include a number of elements that combine to create the whole that works, lasts and looks good.

At Sowerby, we still use traditional British boot-fit ‘lasts’ to shape our dealer boots when they are made. This means that they will fit correctly, and can always be relied upon to remain true to shape and form.

The next thing that is important is the stitching. Using good quality leather is the starting point, but the stitching must be up to scratch as well. All Sowerby dealer boots are storm stitch welted – whereby the upper and insole of the boot are attached to the sole.

Speaking of the soles, the double-leather soles used ensure that as well as looking good, our dealer boots will stand up to harsher conditions than a single sole.

To protect this sole and ensure that the wear on the boots is managed and minimised, Sowerby use a ‘Blakey’ steel tip heel. Blakey shares a certain heritage value with Sowerby – it has been around since 1902, and is a genuine British brand, just like Sowerby so using their tips in our boots was a straightforward choice that made sense in terms of maximising the life of the sole, and protecting the values of the brand.

So now we have a dealer boot that has durable leather throughout combined with a quality sole. The next step is to determine an alternative sole for when a little more grip is required. Looking at the options available, Sowerby decided on a genuine ‘Itside’ commando-style sole. They make the most durable soles of this style, and therefore were a perfect match for Sowerby’s dealer boots that don’t compromise on quality.

Next up comes the lining – some boot manufacturers use canvas or suede lining, but all Sowerby’s dealer boots come with a full leather lining. This ensures comfort and durability, and the boots will look the same shape after years of service.

Finally in terms of construction elements, we use a padded inner sock to provide the final comfortable feel of the boot – leather outers and lining to protect, padded sock inside to cushion. So there we have the perfect boot in all its glory.

The stiff nature of these boots, with leather construction and liners means that getting into them is not as straightforward as it may be with cheaper brands that compromise on materials. This is why Sowerby dealer boots have front and rear pull tabs to ensure you can get the boots on without issue.

Sowerby dealer boots will last a very long time, but the construction methods also mean they’re repairable should anything go wrong. They also come in a range of styles and leather finishes to suit all tastes.