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In honour of our excellent Fashion Director’s birthday last week, we celebrate the stylist, journalist and all round fashion extraordinary that is Sarah-Hayley Owen. We were lucky enough to have one of our bloggers Jessica Harvey sit down with Sarah-Hayley Owen CFW Fashion Director and find out what makes her tick!

As a child Sarah Hayley’s main passion was singing. She trained as a professional Soprano with full intentions of pursuing a career in Music. However when realising her dream of attending a Conservatoire couldn’t start for a decade due to illness, in order to protect her voice, fashion and design took centre stage. Upon returning to school Sarah Hayley completed her A-levels and earned her place at City and Guilds.

Screenshot from Sarah-Hayley Freelance

Above and Thumbnail : A screenshot from Sarah Hayley’s impressive website.

At City and Guilds Sarah-Hayley undertook a Foundation Degree in Art and Design.  She then proceeded to study Fashion Womenswear with Textiles at the London College of Fashion, an unusual choice of degree for someone looking to work in journalism and the media. Sarah Hayley explains her choice by saying that she wanted to experience and gain knowledge of the true side of Fashion Design.

During her A Levels and at Uni, Sarah Hayley interned for a myriad of different newspapers and magazines, gaining a breadth of experience and expertise that many people of her age would not be able to comprehend. After graduating, her need to learn propelled her to London College of Communication, where she embarked on a Masters Degree in Print and Online Journalism.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Sarah-Hayley, check back next week for what we talked about!


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Jessica Harvey
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