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For those of you that may have tried or are hoping to pursue a career in Fashion, you’ll probably know that breaking into the Fashion industry can be a tricky one! As I’ve been told on multiple occasions, experience is everything and so with that in mind as a recent fashion management graduate, I decided to delve myself into a Social Media Marketing and Promotions internship!

If you’re one of those fashion fanatics like myself who ‘likes’ and follows all your favourite fashion brands on Facebook and Twitter and your kind of heavy reading is trawling through all your favourite blogger pages, then this job could be for you!

Although it’s still quite foreign to some businesses, Social Media Marketing is becoming serious game in the Fashion Marketing world, take Burberry for example, they have managed to gather a super impressive following of over 14 million on Facebook alone . As a fashion blogger myself I enjoy using all the social media platforms to connect with other bloggers, however it really interested me to see how a brand would put this in to practice in a business sense and I have to say I’m enjoying it more every day!

LFW Street Style

I first started my internship writing posts for the brand’s blog, researching images and gathering content that was either about the brand, fashion news or general lifestyle happening such as the Grammys! (It hardly felt like work having to watch Beyonce’s performance at the Superbowl as research!) Learning a spot of HTML and using a few publishing platforms it was fab to see the posts I had put together being published on such a well-read blog! I have also been contributing to Facebook promotion of the brands products, helping launch competitions and providing imagery with the Web editorial team to engage their followers. Of recent I have been given the task of blogger promotion, which involves communicating with and sending out products for all the brands favourite bloggers to review! Aside from this I have also been contacting potential events co-ordinators to collaborate with for student parties and working on Twitter promotions!  My highlight so far? Got to be heading down to London Fashion Week with the team to get amongst all the fashionastas and celebs at Somerset house and take lots of Street Style images!


Justine Gibbins. Fashion blogger and social media intern. Fashion Mixbag is my fashion, style and lifestyle blog written as a girl who truly loves and is inspired by a right ‘Mixbag’ of things.