Like father, like son… Sowerby Dealer Boots to match your lifestyle

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Sowerby Footwear is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking the ultimate in comfortable, stylish, hardwearing Dealer Boots that are perfect for any situation. Father and Son, Tony and Pip Rowland, have very different lifestyles, Chartered Surveyor against student and UK U21 Polo Cross player, but they share something in common… both love their Dealer Boots from Sowerby Footwear.

Tony Rowland

Age: 54

Style of boot: Stanton

Lifestyle: Chartered Surveyor

Tony is a chartered surveyor, and as such spends a good portion of his time on visiting properties, often popping out during a day in the office. He needs a boot that looks smart in the office environment, but is strong enough and suitable for frequent site visits.


The Stanton from Sowerby Footwear is the perfect boot for him, it works formally, looking smart in an office situation, but if it is worn out onto a building development, it is robust enough to allow him to get on with the survey job in hand, and not worry about changing shoes between the office and the site.

When he was first introduced to the Sowerby range, Tony was impressed by their comfort, and that they worked so well for social occasions, but were also smart enough for office use.

The longevity of the boots has further impressed, lasting well with no signs of wear. Tony has recommended the boots to many colleagues and friends from all walks of life.






Pip Rowland

Age: 18

Style of boot: Cheltenham

Lifestyle: Student / UK under-21 Polo Cross player.

Pip is a UK under-21 Polo Cross player, and therefore he has to have footwear that is durable enough to withstand being worn around the pitch and the stable yard, while still looking smart enough for a post game dinner at an upmarket restaurant.



Pip wears the Cheltenham Dealer boot from Sowerby Footwear. He says the style is perfect for him – he really likes the colour and the brogue pattern, mixing contemporary fashion with traditional manufacture resulting in a boot that looks good and lasts. Having something that is hardwearing and that can stand up to being worn around the yard but then brushes up really well for social use is a real bonus.

Pip’s next outing for the UK team will be on a summer international tour to Zimbabwe, and with all the Polo Cross kit necessary for such a tour, players are keen to pack light for the trip. Having a pair of boots that work in a range of scenarios means he can travel light, arrive in comfort and represent his country to the best of his ability.‘I spend a lot of time in the yard, so having one pair of boots that brush up really well after working hard means I can go straight to a social situation with nothing but a quick shower and change of clothes. Previous conventional boots I have worn around the yard aren’t comfortable after a long day, but the Sowerby boots are great – still comfortable after a day’s work and ready to hit the town with my team-mates.’

‘I often get compliments on my boots – they look good in all situations and are a great match to my lifestyle. I wouldn’t part with them!’