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On Tuesday, another luminous fashion month comes to an end. We have seen Lily Cole dancing to the beat of her own drum, feminists storming the runway, a lot (for some perhaps too much) of new FROWer Harry Styles and most unusually we have seen….steppers? For those of you who have been living somewhere other than the world, an unbelievable scene unfurled during Paris Fashion Week this year. Rick Owens, known for his raw, strong and structural clothing presented his pieces on females that embodied his collections. Taking 40 ‘steppers’ – a form of dance where the entire body is used to create sound and movement – Rick sent his designs down the catwalk in front of awestruck audience members. Literally stomping on the usual idea of sinewy, lithe models, a gaggle of gorgeous, curvy, dancers were brought in. Cue nervous laughter from the likes of Cara and Jourdan. Personally it was a refreshing change. What do you think?

Rick Owens (
Some of the top trends shown during PFW:

Eye-watering prints: As seen at the designer of all designers, Celine (, prints are making an eye-watering come back for SS14. From what I understand, the crazier and more clashing the better. I LOVE this coat from Phoebe Philo’s latest collection for Celine. The colour and structure is her at her best – feminine and inspiring; the man’s black belt to tie it all together – a nod to her masculine and powerful nature on the runway. Sacre bleu, cest incroyable!

Structure is everything: Commes des Garcons ( is everything I wish I could be … if I was to be an evil Disney queen. Always dark, brooding and terrifyingly beautiful, this season’s collection didn’t disappoint. Playing with the idea of the female form but hugely exaggerated, CdG accentuated female assets to create a domineering version of the woman. Scary….but only because I secretly want all of it….

Culottes with a little extra: Not just a saliva inducing scent, Viktor & Rolf ( once again push the boundaries on what is feminine, but do so with an oh so on trend twist. Culottes are the staple shorts of the upcoming season. So what to do to make them different? Ah yes, layer a dress over them. A silver dress. With pleats. Sometimes I feel rather insignificant ….

Texture is everything: Chloe ( is the designer of fairies…if fairies existed and needed a designer. Never afraid to use chiffon, crepe, silk, voile and organza, everything floats in the sort of ethereal way that you and I never will. This season saw these beautiful fabrics toughened up ever so slightly with pleats, kinks and any other manner of treatment to make them texturized. A beautiful juxtaposition can be seen with the army-coloured khaki and rough accordion texture of this flowing floor length gown. Im not sure whether to wear it with biker boots or ballet shoes?

Love the skin you’re in: It would be sacrilege for me to not show anything from Christian Dior (, since I see the house as one of the most iconic and transitional of all time. Luckily for me Raf Simons perfectly illustrated one of the most important trends (of course). This season everything from a milky white midriff to a full body-stocking showcased the real beauty – the female form. Peek-a-boo sections of skin waltzed down the runway at CD, with waists, backs, chests, legs and arms all being exposed. Keeping things lady-like as ever, expanses of body were paired with pretty florals, to make sure the house didn’t move too far from its signature look.

And so as we look to the end of another month of models and mayhem, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have and I hope to see you again in a few months time for AW14! I will be the one in the sunglasses sat next to Anna Wintour. Well when I say sat next to I mean a few rows behind. In my living room.

Au revoir!

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