Is it superman? No its Betsey Johnson showing her pants – same diff’

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Thursday marks the end of it all – the chairs are folded away, the sunglasses are popped back in their pouches and the millions of empty bottles of Vitamin Water are recycled. That cant be it for another year you cry?!! I have just learnt that Marchesa and tulle are my new best friends! Just learnt that its ok to wear black on black in the spring and not feel like im going to a funeral! And ive just learnt its ok to wear your pants on the outside of your outfit….oh wait, Betsey Johnson you sweet sweet fashion psycho. But alas, do not fret friends, we still have three weeks to go!! And the best part is…its all coming to London on Friday! Hoards of fashionistas are plucking, tanning, polishing and fretting over the next week, in a capital that will see the likes of Cara Delevingne stood next to David Gandy, stood next to Tinie Tempah, stood next to Jourdan Dunn…yeah im not sure im going to bother leaving the house either. Don’t worry though, at the end of the day there will still be a lot of this going around….

Betsey Johnson –

NYFW has seen some amazing pieces this week – follow these trends and you will be just fabulous:

– Peek-a-boo Sheers
– Monochrome
– Geo Prints
– Blue
– Ethereal – Silvers and tulle
– Boxy Cuts/Volume
– Pastels
– Sports-luxe
– Barely-there Dresses

Some of my favourite designers showed this season and as per usual they exceeded my expectation and completely blew me away with the beauty and intricacy of their pieces. Here are my favourite ensembles from NYFW SS14.

Betsey Johnson ( – Do you remember when you were little and you had that one Barbie that looked like she should be in some sort of black arts ballet? Massive black tulle skirt, pink hair, sparkle EVERYWHERE? Well Betsey Johnson has taken that child-like love and run with it. Her collections are nothing if not fun and inspiring, bringing out the feelings we used to have as a 7 year old in our purple party dress. She has the ‘eff you’ quality of McQueen, the tulle use of Marchesa and the fashion sense of …. well like I said, Barbie…and we love her with our whole Dream House. Way more than Barbie loves Ken.

Marchesa ( – You may not have the body, the money, the royal husband….or the sister…but secretly most of us dream of a day which rivals even the most stunning of Duchesses. All dress and no drunk uncles. Well, like ive said to you before, the word Marchesa strikes fear into my mother’s heart. Not only because it will cost her most of her life savings, but also because she is genuinely afraid (with good reason) that I will wear a black Marchesa wedding dress when the day finally arrives. The tulle, the lace, the crystals, the feathers, the eye-watering detail make for a dress that will turn the head of the most royal of royals. So beautiful, it is everything I want in a wedding….who needs a hubz anyway?

Alice + Olivia ( – One of the only collections I believe could truly be taken from catwalk to store with no in between interference. The colours, the cuts, the separates, the dresses – all other worldly whilst still being completely in my grasp. One of my favourite ever outfits was when Carrie (SATC) wore a purple prom skirt with a Dior t-shirt – it completely changed my outlook on formal and casual. Ever since I have been completely obsessed with flowing skirts and tees and apparently so has A+O…

Vera Wang ( – I could never forgive myself if Vera wasn’t included. She understands the female form better than almost every other designer known to mankind. If you glance quickly below, you will likely see a simple yet elegant blue dress. But what I see is a dress that makes a slim girl curvy. A dress which accentuates an already striking neck and a beautifully pale complexion. A dress that turns heads. A dress that makes a female, a woman. The whole collection is sheer, but at no point smutty. She has the perfect balance of feminine grace and sultry seduction. Perfection.

Sass & Bide ( – As you will find out when we see Celine’s collection, my weakness is a woman in a suit that could kill a man if he looks directly at it. As someone who wants to be a strong female boss (not in a strange Tulisa way….) I am a sucker for the new-age power suit. This Sass & Bide white trouser with bustier just kills me. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I.Die”

Time to get some rest now and ill see you in the FROW at LFW for SS14 – geez so many acronyms, so little time…

Becky Güth is a London based blogger who currently works for a communications company as a junior account executive in their fashion PR department. Having worked with everything from high-end French clothing to high-street homeware, Becky’s knowledge of the industry is broad and varied. She spends her time split between London and Gloucester where her family still live. Becky also blogs at