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With BGT gracing our screens once again, our newest sponsor is incredibly topical. Arnica Dental Care, based in Leckhampton, specialises in cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you the same dazzling smile as Simon Cowell (perhaps slightly less fluorescent)!

A Hollywood smile can make you look younger, fill you with confidence and make your smile more noticeable, it’s no wonder all the celebs are doing it! But it’s not only celebrities that are choosing to have dental work. With all of the advancements in cosmetic dentistry procedures, it’s now more popular (and more affordable) than ever for you to give your smile a helping hand.

I met Laurence from Arnica and really got to the nitty gritty of cosmetic dentistry. So if you’re interested in getting something done, or just a bit intrigued as to what it entails then read on, I promise you’ll learn something new!

I regard myself as being very practical (I was driving tractors and helping with the lambing at the age of 10) I also enjoyed looking after people’s health and wellbeing. Having a really cool dentist tipped the balance so instead of becoming a vet I decided to become a doctor specialising in dentistry. I spent several years as a maxillofacial surgeon at Cheltenham General Hospital helping to rebuild faces after serious traumas such as car crashes. This experience got me interested in improving people’s lives through cosmetic dentistry.Hi Laurence, great to meet you! So, let’s start at the beginning, why dentistry? Especially cosmetics?


Wow, impressive! That must be rewarding too, I went through some orthodontic work when I was 18 and I know how much more confident I felt afterwards. I was like a whole new person! Do you see a lot of people in similar positions coming to you for help? 

Yes, I get to meet a lot of gorgeous people who lack confidence because of oral defects such as crooked, damaged, stained or missing teeth. With the help of some amazing advances in technology and technique including dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers a perfect smile is now within easy reach of so many more people. Makeover shows, a proliferation of information on the internet and lots of editorial in lifestyle magazines are educating people as to what is now possible.


What are your most requested procedures?

Our most popular treatment is our ‘Smile Makeover’ which focuses on the teeth visible when smiling. Treatment often includes repair or replacement of missing or damaged teeth, orthodontics (teeth straightening) followed by either teeth whitening or veneers.

The most amazing procedure we do is the All-on-4 where we can completely restore oral functionality and appearance of people beleaguered by dentures with permanently fixed, life- like teeth. The impact this has on people’s lives is incredible, I’ve had people in tears (of joy that is)!

We also complete lots of ZoomR laser teeth whitening treatments which is very effective as it can lighten teeth by as much as 8 shades!

Sounds great, book me in!  Do I look like a good candidate?

If [your] gums and roots are in good shape then there is no reason why you can’t benefit from most procedures. Some procedures are recommended for over 18 year-olds such as teeth whitening because it has to be carefully controlled.


Have you ever had any odd requests, such as an exact replica of a Hollywood stars teeth?! Simon Cowell springs to mind!

The oddest request that I have ever had was a gentleman who wanted his central incisors (front teeth) replaced with gold replicas to look like Goldie.


Brilliant! He must have been a huge fan to go to such lengths! Do you think people like Goldie give us Brits a bad name when it comes to teeth?! As a nation do you think we’re bad at looking after our teeth?

There are so many factors that come into play such as health, diet and lifestyle its difficult to say. As a nation, all things being equal we do appear to be less bothered about the state of our teeth than other countries.

Well for all of us out there who may fall into this category and are turning over a new leaf, what are your top tips for a healthy, beautiful smile?

Brush and floss twice a day, always use a fluoride toothpaste. Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly. As soon as you detect a potential problem get it checked out. Always seek the advice of a reputable local dentist. Be very careful of cheaper treatments.


For more information on the treatments available or to chat to a member of the team visit the website, call 01242 655 554 or follow the Arnica team on Twitter.

What do you think, are you tempted to let the team get their hands on your gnashers?! We’d love to hear your opinions below!


Rachel E Tranter.

As a stylist, fashion blogger, social media manager and PR exec, Rachel has worked for CFW for the past two years. Rachel is now blog editor for CFW whilst also maintaining her own blog; Perfectly Presentable. Follow her here on Twitter.