Come rain or shine….no wait, just shine, Burberry is here

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As another LFW comes to a close, what are we able to reflect on? That when Burberry jokingly commented they paid a lot of money to have the sun come out just as their show began, they probably weren’t joking? That Vivienne Westwood’s plea for us to all buy fewer clothes kind of  defeats the object? Or just that we love Cara Delevingne for being in every show ever? Well no, but kind of. Actually, as a lone (15,000) seagull swoops low in the London sky, a flock of fashionistas run to the nearest Pret to grab a sandwich and finally we can reflect upon another stunning season which sees masculine shapes, peek-a-boo expanses of skin and monochrome championed, to name but a few. Alas, at least we can now relax….for the next few months… until the AW shows start. And before that of course we have London: Men’s Collections….and Vogue’s Fashion Night Out….and….. Sigh, back to sushi it is then.

To make it easier, here are the 5 things you need to buy next season:

Boxy Coat – The below by Tom Ford ( is a little extreme, but shows my point. The boxier, the better. This is a difficult trend to wear, especially if you aren’t Queen Delevingne herself, but luckily for us, high-street chains such as Primark and M&S are already doing more wearable versions. Make sure to team with fine knits, figure hugging dresses and cinched in pencils to create the most irresistible contrasted silhouette.

Knee Length Shorts – The sports-luxe trend has brought us the knee-length short; tailoring, but with a certain slouch to it. Unfortunately not that flattering if you are my height – 5ft4 is apparently legally petite in America ill have you know. If that’s the case, switch for normal shorts which are also still fabulous or a pretty knee length skirt. Do wish I was tall enough to wear this Thomas Tait ( pair though. Sigh.

Sheer Shirt – I would advise wearing a bra underneath if you aren’t strutting the catwalk, but the sheer shirt is a staple that everyone MUST have in their wardrobe. I love this one by KTZ ( as not only is it sheer, but has a great geo print and is monochrome! 3 birds, one sheer shirt. For the more adventurous among us, wear anything translucent that you can get away with. A sheer jacket, top, skirt….but remember, public nudity is not taken lightly.

Barely There Dress – For those of us with a slightly more ample chest, go down the loose fitting path laid by Giles ( Tiny straps are a necessity – the only time we will accept spaghetti straps into our lives, besides our aunt Glenda’s wedding – but a long flowing sheath can hide all manner of sins. For those of you with a bigger chest, get a great strapless bra and wear a dress like the flowing number below. For flat-chested beauties, go the whole hog and wear a lacy, lingerie-esque slip. Kind of naughty, but in a controlled way. Like rice cakes with chocolate spread.

The Pastel Suit – As she is so renowned to do, Amelia Wickstead ( makes a woman feel like a girl. And with an earth shatteringly prim and gorgeous SS14 collection she has once again done just that. Pastel suits can come in any shape or form you like, from tailored trousers and shirts to big 50s skirts with pastel blouses. Just make sure you carry a basket and ride a bicycle everywhere. You know, just to get the feel….

And so with that, I say adieu until we will meet again with the beginning of Milan Fashion Week – but until then I shall leave you with Burberry SS10 ( – Belted. Classic. Trench. With. Sunglasses. Ohhhhhh.


Becky Güth is a London based blogger who currently works for a communications company as a junior account executive in their fashion PR department. Having worked with everything from high-end French clothing to high-street homeware, Becky’s knowledge of the industry is broad and varied. She spends her time split between London and Gloucester where her family still live. Becky also blogs at