Channel your ‘teen spirit’ this winter!

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This winter it’s all about channeling your inner Kurt Cobain. The ‘grunge’ trend started to come into fruition in the late 1980’s with new laid-back bands such as Sound Garden and Alice in Chains storming the charts in a whirlwind of flannel shirts and dreadlocks. But the grunge scene never really took off until the 90’s inspired by the Nirvana frontman himself, who was the perfect combination of a mellow disposition mixed with a burning inner angst, which was the epitome of the grunge trend.

But grunge was more than just a trend, it was a movement. It was the birth of ‘Generation X’. Teenagers across the country were as interested in the politics that the moody frontmen of these bands were singing about as they were in their dreamy blue eyes.

Typical grunge attire is heavily dominated by checked print and highland favourite; tartan in particular. High street retailers such as New Look and Topshop have embraced their 90’s dark side with grunge being one of their key looks for AW13, with both retailers selling tartan school skirts akin to the ones featured in 2007 film ‘St Trinian’s’ (the costume choices were perhaps one of the film’s only redeeming qualities). Another popular grunge accoutrement is the timeless band tee. Whilst the teenagers that will be buying the tees today probably haven’t heard of most of the bands that are splashed across them (myself included)-they do look darn cool! A distressed leather jacket is also a key piece to any grunge wardrobe, it’s sure to give any laidback grunge look that  rock edge. Ebay is a great place to find reasonably priced, gorgeous leather jackets befitting of the grunge era.

Finally, no grunge outfit is complete without the shoes that pack a lot of stomp- the Dr. Marten. ‘X Factor’ winners ‘Little Mix’ have been seen donning these boots on many occasion; and not just in the obligatory black as Doc.Marten now produce boots in all shades ranging from acid yellow to powder pink,-ideal for giving the rather dark look a pop of colour!

Major fashion houses Chanel and Versace have been championing this trend for AW13. Chanel opted for a bejazzled take on grunge, with over the knee boots decorated with chains and glittery tweed coats being central to their collection. Versace gave 90’s grunge a modern spin by combining luxurious fur with hardcore spiky accessories. However not all designers have looked upon the flannel flaunting trend so favourably. Jean Paul Gaultier said in a Vogue interview in 1993 that ‘grunge is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money’.

But if you don’t agree with Gaultier’s grunge-bashing views, be sure to add a splurge of ‘teen spirit’ to your winter wardrobe this year as a grunge outfit allows you to look incredibly chic using minimal effort. Perhaps leave the angst-ridden mood to one side though-tis the season to be jolly after all!

By Chloe Stewart