Brows About Town

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2013’s the year of the eyebrow they say? Whoever they are, did they not know that Cara Delevigne has been dubbed queen of the brow for so much longer.

It may be official, but long before the beauty phenomenon dubbed “the Scouse brow” came around, brows have been dominating the catwalks. Beauty professionals have long loved the effect of a strong brow; whether it is dark or bleach, the Charlotte Tilbury’s of the world had this look down.

Then came the celebs. And of course, we all know young Cara for her brows, but she’s not the only one who appreciates the thicker, well groomed look. Britain’s very own Emma Watson and Keira Knightley have had that look down well before we all cared; think Emma circa Harry Potter in 2001 and Keira as Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean. Not forgetting a certain Ange and Miss Diane Kruger. These ladies have been rocking a strong brow for longer than most of us care to remember.

But what is it about the brow that makes us all dash for a lash brush and the latest shades in blondes to browns to blacks? We all know a brow can shape you’re face as much as good contouring and a bit of blush, but maybe it’s the bigger bolder beauty statement we just weren’t ready for. Until now.

Are you ready? If so, pick a Shavata Shape (link –, grab yourself the right shade of Benefit’s Brow Zings (link – and away you go. But remember to tweet us a pic when you’re done!

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