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This weeks blogger profile is a bit different to the usual ones we’ve been featuring. First of all it’s written by a man living in New York and secondly the blog does not feature his personal style. Ari Seth Cohen actually blogs at Advanced Style about all the fabulously dressed old ladies he spots when out and about in the Big Apple.


Fashion blogging has been saturated with young women but of course the truth is, fashion extends way beyond your twenties and blogging is and should be available to anyone.

Ari’s blog has had millions of hits and he has thousands of followers, so clearly fashion inspiration for the older generations is very much sought after. Personally, I think his blog is inspirational to fashion fans of all ages.



Advanced Style is not solely dedicated to elderly ladies, if Ari spots a stylish older gent he’ll be sure to feature them on the blog too. He also videos his subjects with their fashion tips and advice such as ‘The Key to Vitality’.

He’s photographed and interviewed fashionable pensioners up to the age of 101 which leaves us thrilled with the idea that fashion can keep you young. Their life advice sits comfortably when they look as good as they do.



I find street style blogs fascinating at the best of times but Ari’s blog takes it to another level. His shots around the city of these well-weathered stylish residents are truly beautiful and the little back stories and snippets of their world is delightful reading.

Many of his subjects have lived through some of the greatest fashion periods of the last century. Each bring their own spin to style and offer a lifetime of inspiration in their outfits. Whether it’s classic tailoring with modern tweaks or colourful and contemporary, the elderly ladies and gentlemen to grace Ari’s blog prove that great style has nothing to do with age.



Visit Ari’s blog Advanced Style and find him on Facebook and Twitter @AriSethCohen


Hannah Reynolds

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