Blogger Profile: Amy from The Little Magpie

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Are you a dedicated fashion follower of all things black and white? If the answer is yes, I think you might just love Amy’s blog, The Little Magpie.


Amy’s blog is dedicated to personal fashion and outfit posts so if you’re all about clothes and don’t fancy sifting through pictures of cupcakes and beauty products, The Little Magpie is for you.

A natural beauty with possibly the best hair I’ve ever seen, it’s easy to get lost in a scrolling frenzy of Amy’s blog posts. Her style leans towards edgy grunge but also remains quite polished. A black and white colour palette is this Scottish girl’s vice but she mixes in colour here and there to keep things interesting.


One of my favourite things about Amy’s blog is the amount of new shops she uncovers. There are so many online fashion shops lurking in the depths of the internet that it’s sometimes hard to find them. I have to admit, it can be a dangerous game checking out what’s new in her wardrobe but I also love discovering untapped stores that are goldmines for unique pieces and Amy’s blog is a pioneer in the world of online shopping.


Just finishing university, Amy dabbles in current fashion trends but her style is by no means young. She’s a lover of collared shirts and actually has a very classic wardrobe in many ways. While short dungarees might not be everyone’s cup of tea, particularly if you’re not in your twenties, Amy’s classic layering and trusty black leather jacket are fashion staples whatever your age.


With a penchant for jewellery or as she puts it, ‘enough jewellery to sink a ship’ it’s not just a killer wardrobe to feast your eyes on. Amy writes very colloquially and shows a real wit, so her blog posts with their amusing anecdotes are a pleasure to read. Check out her blog The Little Magpie and find her on Twitter @little_magpie1



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