‘AW13 Hair Tweak’

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If you are happy with your current length, bring it up to date by freshening it with an AW hair tweak.
Short to Mid-length Hair
For shorter to mid-length hair, spice up your style with a ‘Chewed Fringe’
This adds a youthful feel to bobbed hair which can sometimes look strict. Loosen that uptight vibe with this cute bang-on-trend textured twist.
Ask your stylist to give you a jagged fringe with a broken base line. Style with your hands instead of a brush. Embrace any movement.
To define the texture, when dry use Shu Uemura- Kengo Feather. This light weight paste has a matte feel to accentuate the contrasting lengths and avoid an oily finish.
This fringe must be worn heavy and hang forward as anything wispy will look weak and dated.
'AW13 Hair Tweak' 1
Mid-length Hair
If you have mid-length hair, Why not steal style icon, Alexa Chung’s textured hair. This look brings a 3 dimensional look a to lifeless (sometimes boring) mid length.
Ask your stylist to add some shattered layers. This cut must hold no straight lines! It should be styled in a shaggy, loose manner. Achieve this by scrunching some Kerestasé- Boucles D’art into the hair whilst drying. This is the ultimate wash and go look, you can get a way with doing very little styling whatsoever.
Avoid this look if your hair is very straight and lacking in natural movement and wave.
'AW13 Hair Tweak'2
Long Hair
For those who are scared of the scissors but are in need of a new look. Who wouldnt want to look like the model of the moment? Take a leaf out of Cara Delevigne’s book and try the AW ‘Dropped Parting’. This low slung part instantly changes your style without one snip, and can be worn sleek for a groomed look or leave hair to dry naturally for a more grungy spin.
Take a comb and create a parting that begins below the recession line. Draw the comb slightly diagonally towards the crown as you pull it through the hair to prevent a bad comb over!
Most importantly this look must be worn with minimal volume.
'AW13 Hair Tweak'3
The Faux Hawk
With the Rebel Punk trend dominating the catwalks for AW13, the ‘Faux Hawk’ is the perfect way to take part in the look without taking one snip!
This do is the best way to give that effortlessly cool edge to a slinky party dress, or to compliment your new studded leather boots!
Don’t worry about trying to make this style too neat, as it’s all about disheveled chic!
'AW13 Hair Tweak'4
Step one-
Use rollers or tongs to create bend and texture in the hair
Step two-
Use L’Oréal Fresh Dust dry shampoo to create grip in the hair
Step three-
Take a rectangular section from just above the temples and clip out of the way
Step four-
Brush the remaining hair away away from the face and twist into a messy pleat at the back of the head. Secure with hair pins
Step five-
Back comb the roots of the rectangle section and scrunch into a ‘Faux Hawk’ securing with pins before spritzing with Kerestasé Laque Couture fixing spray.
By Jo, Art Director at Stuart Holmes